Trying Hard to be your Hero


First off I would like to thank the hundreds of people who sent in e-mails looking for help or interested in learning more about Creators Club. Here at Creators Club we have been trying hard to help everyone who has approached us. It has been a very busy week or so with answering e-mails and work to improve the company. The amount of traffic has been higher than we expected and we would like to thank everyone for helping our site out. I would like to especially thank AquaFPS for advertising our services. I am glad to be able to call him a friend, as well as a client of Creators Club. It has been a pleasure to work with him and help in his growth.

The website is having a few changes to it soon. One is that we will be adding some information on content creation and how we suggest to make it better. This should help a lot of small channels to grow and make better content. We also are going to get some opinions from our creators to help you understand how they are able to achieve success. Our web developer has been working on a few special upgrades which we will talk about it in a couple of days.

Creators Club is proud to introduce one of our new members TryHardHeroes. He has a small youtube channel which is very young, but has a ton of potential. It is not even two months old but the content is high quality and he has had success in media in the past. Knowing this information and seeing the quality he is able to do made it easy for us to decide to work with him. His dedication and goals are the same as ours and we believe together we can achieve very lofty goals. He has highly edited gaming content with a focus on comedy. The channel has a variety on it that includes VR videos. I suggest giving him a look because he will be very big in the future and watching him get scared in VR is very enjoyable.


TryHardHeroes and Creators Club will also be doing an interview in an application called AltSpace. It is similar to VRchat and the interview will  is ran with the help of AltSpace devs. It should be something to look forward to watching with the AltSpace app or through the YouTube videos that are posted after. The live show will be on the 28th of January at 9:00 pm EST and more info can be found here:

To get a feel for our new creators I asked him to give a statement on YouTube and why he has decided to pursue it, this is what he had to say. “What is most important to me is forging a lasting connection with my viewers and future viewers so that no matter how life is coming at you, you can always drop by and have a laugh alongside me. I’ve realized, in my short time on YouTube, that the sense of community and connectedness is the driving force behind the whole platform, and I want to be part of that ideal, in my own unique, weird, and slightly messed up way. I also plan to extend from not only gaming videos but vlogging as well, I’m looking forward to growing alongside my new friends, without a doubt.” -TryHardHeroes

I hope that everyone who has contacted us has appreciated the work we have put in so far. We are far from done and will be growing with our creators. The whole team is very dedicated to this project and hope that everyone is here for the long and fun ride ahead.

Blast off with Creators Club,


Owner of CreatorsClub