Creators Club F.A.Q.

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Why does shipping cost X?2018-03-19T18:22:05-05:00

Our shipping cost is directly what it cost us from the company which makes the merch. Sometimes it is higher than we would like but it is the current option we are working with. Sometimes there is very inexpensive shipping options as well depending on where the company ships it out of.

Why do prices change due to size? Why did you chose this price for the merch?2018-03-19T18:19:05-05:00

The price changes due to what it costs us to make and the amount we must pay our artists. We attempt to keep prices as low as possible while still getting artists and creators paid. The money you put in helps support the creator that is selling the shirt and most of the time pays the artist as well. (unless the artist wanted to do it for free)

Our quality is also higher than some other third-party merch stores and because of that we must make sure to price accordingly. We attempt to keep it competitive prices while still being able to support our creators.

How do I wash my clothes/merch?2018-03-19T18:12:19-05:00

The clothes should have directions on them but to keep the best quality for the longest amount of time we suggest washing inside out and drying on low heat. If you do not do this the lifespan of the shirt could be shortened.

For mugs and drinking vessels make sure it says dishwasher safe if you plan to put it in a dishwasher. We try to make sure everything is labeled with directions on how to clean but if it is not labeled please feel free to contact us.

How Long Does Shipping Take?2018-02-09T16:18:46-05:00

Well after you order your merch it will take a few days for production before shipping. After 2-4 days of production you should receive a shipping number by mail when the product is shipped from the factory. The time of production does change depending on many factors and could take longer. Shipping itself could be anywhere from 3 -10 days depending on where you live.  There are options for quicker shipping if needed but still the production time varies. Make sure you purchase ahead of time especially during the holiday season.

Where does Creators Club Ship to?2018-02-06T21:18:12-05:00

Creators Club ships our products almost worldwide through a drop shipping company. Rates of shipping are what we pay and should stay low for most places around the world. The buyer is responsible if there are any extra fees like customs for their packages. We will adjust where the item is manufactured to keep shipping prices low if we see a lot of purchases from one area. Just one of the ways we work hard for everyone involved with Creators Club.

Is Creators Club Right For Me?2018-02-06T21:18:12-05:00

For Creators we work hard no matter your size to help you reach your goals. We have many different options to find the correct path for you and your brand. The best way to know what kind of fit you will find here is to contact us. Even if you are not a prefect fit we will still assist you on finding a good fit elsewhere or finding a direction for your channel.

Where do I buy my favorite Creators products?2018-02-06T21:18:12-05:00

Some creators have their own personal store, but we also have a store here on our website. Even if a creator has a store we own the rights to make some special items which they can’t make. If you want anything specially made please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will try to accomidate you if we have the ability.

What is Creators Club?2018-02-06T21:18:12-05:00

Creators Club is a company which is built to help Content Creators. We will manage your brand and content to help you grow both in size and in value. Some might think of us like a MCN but we are different. We don’t have access to your ads and will never take a percentage of ad revenue. Also MCNs have received a reputation for not actually having much contact with their partners, and instead take 10-40 percent off the top and offer very little. We are changing it up, we are not taking a percentage from ads and we are actually helping in the day-to-day aspects of content creation. Whether you need someone to get you a sponsorship or just someone to bounce video ideas off from, we are there every step of the way. We have experience with helping creators grow the correct way and will share knowledge from past experiences with our partners. We keep fees extremely low and offer more ways for you to make income. If you want to know more about us just come talk to us. We are always willing to talk to anyone about their passion for creating content.