Pax East Recap

This is a short Pax East Recap. I will be posting more games and opinions as time goes on and as the games are developed.

Creators Club and our Client AquaFPS attended this years PAX EAST. It was fun to meet with many people in the gaming community and continue to grow our contacts. Due to illness we were unable to have a meet up with Aqua but hope to have a meet up at future public events. I want to thank the people who were planning on meeting Aqua and say sorry that it was unable to happen.

Aqua will be doing a vlog on pax very soon where a lot of images of pax and videos will be able to be seen.

A few highlights from PAX was the amount of games that are now on our radar. One game in particular is Wormhole Wars. This game has the combat of Halo and the unique movement of portal. Essentially it is a first person shooter which you also can shoot portals to make some very unique flanking situations. We hope to bring you some gameplay of this game this coming soon since the servers will open for a small amount of time this Sunday. I want to thank Ian and the other devs for being accommodating and sharing their game with us. They seem like a good group of people and I would love to work with them in the future.

There was also another interesting take on the FPS genre with Skynoon. It is a game that looks very good even though its only in alpha. It is a game that relies on gravity and air guns to shoot your opponent off from the plat forms. Equipped with a grappling hook you can have some fun shooting your friend to his death while you swing your way around the map.

These are just two of the games that really seemed like they had a good concept on changes to the fps genre. I look forward to them and working hard to get many other games in the hands of our creators so they can bring content to all the viewers. A reminder that we are putting new merch up in the store which changes weekly so if you want some of our creators merch please head over to .

PAX was a lot of fun and I am glad we were able to attend. I hope to attend more conventions and work with more creators over time. Good things are right around the corner which I am excited to talk about soon. Thanks for reading :).