New Stuff Happening at CreatorsClub

Hello Everyone,

We have not used this format much to keep people updated. I plan to do a little update every once in a while and brief everyone on what we are working on. Right now we are doing some secret stuff that is very exciting that I hope to tell everyone about next week. Until then I just want to thank all the people who are working with us to build a better community for content creators. Our creators have been working very hard to better their content and I have seen strong numbers from everyone. I would like to point out some links which you guys can follow in order to support not only Creators Club but also the creators that we work with.

First off there is this new notify app which helps it so you don’t miss out on content. We are planning on posting around one update a day on it. This will be from one of our creators or friends. This should happen about once per day so you won’t get spammed but at the same time you may miss a few videos from creators. It is not meant to be the main way you get notifications from individual creators but instead to branch out and show you what we find cool that day. Its pretty cool and can be found here

The next thing is our twitter. We have not been using it as much as I would like but we are going to attempt to use twitter for Creators Club. If you could follow it that would help us out. I have a personal twitter which I have been promoting Creators Club on but would like to use the business account.  

We have new items and Creators added to the shop. We want to thank everyone who has decided to go through our shop for apparel. The latest addition is Dr Ezekiel. He is a streamer and youtuber who has been around the Creators Club gang for a while now. He seems to always be supporting someone in the Creators Club so we brought him into the fold by helping him sell some merch. Check him out here

To see our whole merch line up check it out here: