Creators Club at PAX EAST

We are proud to be attending PAX EAST this year with our client AQUAFPS. Both Aqua and I (Raymond) will be hanging out in Boston for PAX. I look forward to meeting a ton of people in the gaming industry and we already have meeting set up to bring more content to all of the fans and supporters. If you would like to keep track of everything at pax please check out our twitters where we will be uploading images and what meetings and meet ups we will be at.

We also have a ton of new items in our Shop. Both Aqua and TryHard Heroes has some really good items which you should take a look at. Even if you can’t purchase something look at the cool designs that are there. They will be there for a limited time.

Don’t forget to check out our creators on youtube and twitch as well as check out our new items in the shop. We are glad to cover new games and new entertainment opportunities. Below is TryHardHeroes video on the brand new game Far Cry 5. His content is highly edited and is great for quick entertainment.

If you see us at Pax East please feel free to say hello. Tons of cool stuff is coming to Creators Club. Sorry for the lack of updates we will try to pump out more updates up to Pax East and after returning.




Owner of Creators Club